Why Us?

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Why Us?

We're Different.

You've had a look around and are now probably thinking; why work with Corsa opposed to anyone else offering similar services?

The answer to that is both simple and complex. No one can do it like us.

Before creating our offerings we spoke to local businesses about their IT needs, focusing on their presence on the web. We came across key concerns, knowledge and time. We understand operating a business is no easy feat, and when trying to move your business forward having to stress over managing a website, hosting, marketing and more only slows you down.

This is where we based our services. We understand you may not have the time to get up and running on the web. So instead of selling you services that will just take more of your time, let us handle it.

We will take care of all your IT needs, involving you and your business at every step of the way; consider us your new business partner in IT.

The heavy lifting we do for you also includes things like Analytics and prioritising your site listing on Google.

On top of all this we strive to create the best looking, most appropriate, and functional site for your individual business. Your business is your own. We'll work together to make your site just as unique as your business is.

Our websites are built from open-source frameworks meaning that your site will look great, run great, and be compatible on all major platforms. Most importantly, these frameworks allow rapid design and development, getting your business to the forefront of the digital age in record time, at lower costs than our competitors.

Corsa and it's technicians are affiliated with and able to use services and hardware from many big names in the IT industry, including Microsoft, Google and GoDaddy. Want your website specifically hosted in Australia in a Google datacenter? We can make that happen.

Additionally, Cora and its technicians are partnered as official developers for large social media platforms and services, including Facebook and Google+. These partnerships allow us to integrate key elements into your site, from share buttons, photo embedding, to even your entire Facebook page.

Let's Recap

Three Easy Points.

Industry Backed

Access to hardware and services offered by the big boys.

Low Stress

Let us take care of the heavy lifting for you.

We're for You

We're here to help you, and make sure you're at your best.